Byzantine Empress Theodora Headdresses

Ask most people to name ten famous women and men from history, listing the names of men comes a lot quicker than the women. Although we do not always recall the names of our famous women, there are many who should be recognised and revered.

My initiative makes participants aware of one particular lady, the lesser known Byzantine Empress, Theodora. Theodora was one of the most influential women in the Byzantine Era. She was a champion for women and refugee rights, as well as many other positive influences on society at the time and today.

Children and adults will have the opportunity to learn about Theodora and to talk about the influential women that inspire them today. As the discussion unfolds participants will learn about the origins of Theodora’s iconic headdress and create their own statement headdress, to wear for the day and take home for other festive occasions.

My project is fitting to any community setting as the headdresses are accessible to all participants, genders and ages. With the opportunity  for participants  to improve their dexterity and skill level. Using a provided headdress template participants will have the opportunity to express their individuality through adorning it with confetti, washi tape, tisel, beads, sparkles, etc. People will be encouraged to reuse items they may have at home or just use the provided pieces. Materials will be a combination of recycled and repurposed. 

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